A Hard Pill to Swallow?

A Hard Pill to Swallow?
Medication's Influence on Implant Success

Currently, predictable treatments for peri-implant diseases have not been fully described. Given the difficulty in treating peri-implant diseases, the primary prevention of peri-implant conditions through careful treatment planning is essential to achieving optimal outcomes. Understanding the risks associated with common medications on implant failure and peri-implant disease development is a critical component to a comprehensive approach to dental implant treatment planning. This course seeks to review the current literature evaluating the associations and underlying mechanism that lead to increased rates of implant failure in individuals taking common medications and potential strategies to reduce this risks during clinical implant care.


At the conclusion of this session, attendees should be able to:

  • List the prevalence and risk factors for implant failure and peri-implantitis.
  • Understand the underlying mechanisms associated with the actions of various drugs and the ways they influence implant outcomes.
  • Explain personalized treatment options to achieve optimal implant treatment outcomes in individuals taking medications who require oral constructive implant therapies.

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