Prosthodontic Review Course

Prosthodontic Review Course
Driving Results with Digital Diagnostics

Digital dentures are both increasingly appealing and ever evolving—modern-day substitutes for antiquated materials and methods finally advancing on pace with the rest of the dental industry. Yet, in the pursuit of better products from the lab, we in the clinic seem to have settled for less in terms of clinical protocols and patient management. Why are we waiting until the later stages of the clinical workflow to leverage this technology? How many new problems do we create while solving old ones? What if we had a digital means to a digital end—a process that made everything better for the lab, the clinic, and the patient alike? In this presentation, Dr. Johnson proposes a shift in the procedural paradigm and demonstrates how to use commonplace technologies to enhance consistency, efficiency, and value at every stage of the treatment cycle.



At the conclusion of this session, attendees should be able to:

  • Compare traditional denture processes compare with digital advancements.
  • Repurpose existing technologies and techniques to suit the digital age.
  • Appreciate the impact of digital clinical practice on the traditional treatment flow.

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