Prosthodontic Review Course

Prosthodontic Review Course
Updated: 10 Keys Checklist for Immediate Implant Placement at Maxillary Incisor Sites

This presentation will describe and identify 10 essential keys for performing immediate single tooth replacement of a hopeless maxillary central incisor. This treatment is considered a complex procedure and a team approach is suggested as the maxillary central incisor is seen as having the most esthetic zone failures resulting in unhappy patients. Once this occurs, restoring the lost hard and soft tissues to their original pre-surgical levels is near impossible. The updated 10 Keys checklist, if strictly followed, will provide high predictability in preventing esthetic complications and offers guidelines to ensure high success based on published studies by Dr. Levine and his clinical research group which confirm the use of the 10 Keys protocol.

At the conclusion of this session, attendees should be able to:

  • Recognize the human factors that are the primary causes of technical and environmental complications in implant dentistry due to the lack of checklists.
  • Describe the 10 Keys team approach and its use as a diagnostic, surgical, and prosthetic sequential checklist to avoid esthetic zone complications.
  • Explain the importance of phenotype modification as part of the surgical protocol with use of autogenous soft tissue grafting or a volume stable collagen matrix.

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